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Flipkart announces Big billion days in regular intervals for shopping days of 3 or 5 dys. Holi shoppings, Summer vacation sales, Monsoon sales,Diwali festival shopping and it will starts and every Indian waiting for the biggest sale of the year and full fill family shopping requirements. Do you know you will earn cashback from own Flipkart shopping?

check the below screenshot of shopping with Flipkart.

yes, it’s true from any shopping from Flipkart you will get additional cashback after your all offer code and credit/debit card discounts directly to your bank account by just change the method of open Flipkart. from 5 May 2018 Flipkart stop the new affiliate entry. online shopping website does not allow affiliate for own shopping but cashback world provides the same and other chance to earn 0.5% money from your reference link purchaser if you register your self as a Lyconet marketer (LM).

How to open Flipkart from cashback world check the below video link.

Flipkart affiliate program closed for a new entry?

Yes, from 5 May 2018 Flipkart affiliate program closed for new entry all the old members run their affiliate websites as per the condition.

How can I get a discount on Flipkart?

Register here ( and get an additional discount on your shopping at your all offer code and credit/debit card discount.


One of our membser of the cashback world purchase a product from Flipkart and he post a video to our channel in Hindi.

Video in English.